Heat Exchangers

Thompson’s Welding Services specializes in the design and fabrication of custom shell and tube heat exchangers, one of the most widely used types of equipment in chemical plants, paper mills, refineries and petrochemical plants. We fabricate exchangers ranging in size from 6 inch pipe to giant 96 inch diameter units up to 40 feet long.  Whether the material is carbon steel, stainless steels or a more exotic chrome moly, nickel alloy or even duplex stainless, Thompson’s Welding Services can fabricate to your most demanding specifications.

Fabricating heat exchangers requires the tightest machining tolerances and welds that conform exactly to the most stringent welding procedures. As a leading manufacturer of shell and tube heat exchangers, we have the right people, equipment and facilities to maintain the highest industrial standards.

Our specialized equipment and proprietary processes give us the capability to handle every job no matter how small & simple or large & complex. We can design and build one single unit or a bank of 100 units, whether for a capital project, a quick turnaround replacement or an emergency response.

Let Thompson’s Welding Services be your one stop source for all your heat exchanger needs.